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Portable aluminum telescopic pole

Portable aluminum telescopic pole

Short Description:

Application:Cleaning Tool Pole

Material : 6063-T5

Outer diameter: 0.63/0.75/0.87/1.25/1.12/1 inch or custom

Thickness 0.028/0.031/0.04 inch or custom

Button: Plastic, Manganese steel

Color: Silver, blue, golden, black, Champagne

Length: Any length as your requirement

Stage: 2/3/4 stage

Product Detail

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Product name: Portable aluminum telescopic pole
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Material: Aluminun Alloy
Alloy Temper: 6063-T5
Hardness: 145HB
Shape: Round
Surface Treatment: Sandblasting Anodized
anodizing film 10 um, or custom
Al (Min): 98.7%
Outer Diameter 16/17/19mm
Wall Thickness: 0.8mm
Length: 30cm
Color: Silver,Black,Blue,Golden,Champagne
Application: Mop, Window Scraper, Dust Sweeper
Brand Name: xing yong lv Ye
Certificate: ISO 9001:2015,ISO/TS 16949:2016
Quality Standard GB/T6892-2008,GB/T5237-2008

With the rapid development of e-commerce, the packaging of goods should also be in line with the development of the times, short and sturdy product packaging is more suitable for transportation.

Portable aluminum alloy telescopic poles came into being. The aluminum tube is cut into a length of 30cm. One end of the aluminum tube is processed with a shrinking machine to make the outer diameter smaller, and then two holes are punched and fitted with stainless steel buttons. The other end of the aluminum tube is punched with two holes according to the size, so that the two aluminum tubes can be closely connected together.

One end of the telescopic pole can be fitted with a plastic handle, which is soft and comfortable to hold in your hand. The button on the other end of the telescopic pole can be used with window cleaner, dust sweeper, mop, etc. It can also be connected to a dust collector with a female thread by attaching a universal thread.

The outer diameter, wall thickness and length of aluminum tubes can be customized according to customers' requirements. Punch size, button material and size. We can also customize the end of the telescopic rod according to the customer's accessories, punching, adding buttons, embedded in the threaded head. The threaded head can be made of plastic or metal.

There are a variety of packaging methods for customers to choose, single into the mail box, multiple into a color box or carton.

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