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Aluminum Housing For Electric Vehicle Batteries

Aluminum Housing For Electric Vehicle Batteries

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Shape:Rectangular or custom

Surface treatment: silver anodized

Length: Custom

Advantage:Lightweight, Aesthetics and Resistant

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More and more people are aware of the air pollution and the harm to human life caused by car exhaust, and environmentally friendly electric cars are born. Making the battery casing of electric cars also requires the environmentally friendly material aluminum alloy. Compared with other metal materials, aluminum alloy is light and dissipates heat quickly, so aluminum alloy shell becomes the first choice for electric car battery shell. And the oxidized aluminum alloy surface is beautiful and corrosion resistant, which can increase the life of the battery shell. Aluminum alloy profiles are as environmentally friendly as electric vehicles and can be recycled again and again.

Product name: Aluminum Housing For Electric Vehicle Batteries
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Material: Aluminun Alloy
Alloy Temper: 6063-T5
Hardness: 15 HW
Shape: square, round, t shaped, rectangular, customized
Surface Treatment: Anodizing
anodizing film Anodize protection film thickness from 8~25 um
Al (Min): 98.7%
Outer Diameter 160mm
Wall Thickness: General profiles thickness from 0.8 to 5.0mm
Length: length from 3m-6m or customized available
Color: Silver,Black or Custom
Application: Electric Vehicle Batteries
Brand Name: xing yong lv Ye
Certificate: ISO 9001:2015,ISO/TS 16949:2016
Quality Standard GB/T6892-2008,GB/T5237-2008
MOQ 500kgs for each item
payment terms T/T 30% for deposit, balance before shipping.
settlement term Charge by final actual weight or by drawing theoretical weight.

Jiangsu Xingyong Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd. Produce 6063-T5 aluminum profile for

battery housing. Aluminum profile is manufactured in an ISO certified facility and offers a high quality polished finish and a high quality product. Available in outside diameters from 1.500" to 4.000" and offered in convenient 2'-0" lengths, Aluminum profile allows fabricators to save money without sacrificing material quality. Each 2'-0" length of tube is deburring, cleaned, and wrapped in protective bubble wrap to ensure that the product makes it to your warehouse or garage free from damage. 



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