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Aluminum Flat Mop

Aluminum Flat Mop

Short Description:

Application: cleaning tools

Shape: Rectangular or custom

Plastic Color: Blue, Green, Red or custom

Velcro Color : Black

Microfiber Color: Blue, white or custom

Length:1.31/1.47/1.97/2.95 feet or custom

Logo: can make by laser or injection in plastic

Product Detail

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Product Details:

Product name: Aluminum Flat Mop
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Material: Aluminium Alloy
Alloy Temper: 6063-T5
Hardness: 200 HB
Shape: Flat 
Surface Treatment: Silver Anodized
anodizing film 10 um, or custom
Al (Min): 98.7%
Length 40/45/60/90 cm
wide 9.7mm
Color: Silver
Application: Cleaning wall, wooden floor, tile floor, concrete floor
Brand Name: xing yong lv Ye
Certificate: ISO 9001:2015,ISO/TS 16949:2016
Quality Standard GB/T6892-2008,GB/T5237-2008

Aluminum mop is strong and lightweight, suitable for household and public places cleaning. It can clean walls, wooden floors, tile floors, concrete floors and many other floors.

Velcro is firmly embedded in the aluminum plate, which is very strong and does not deform or fall off during use. The velcro fits tightly to super fiber and disposable mop paper towels.

The aluminum flat mop has a narrow width and can be rotated 360 degrees to clean under the bed, under the table and other low places without bending down, reducing the pressure on the back.

The length of the mop bar can be customized according to actual needs in terms of length and number of sections. It can be a straight rod or can be connected to a telescopic rod, which is flexible and convenient.

The mop bar and mop head are easy to install and remove, just gently remove the insert and you can take off the mop pole.

We have 12 aluminum alloy extrusion lines and 16 injection molding machines. We can customize aluminum alloy mop plates according to customers’ needs, plate thickness, width, shape and length can be customized. The shape of the plastic parts can also be customized.

Customer’s logo can be printed on aluminum plates and rods, silk-screened and laser-printed, and die-embossed.

The common packing method is carton, and according to the customer’s demand, we can seal and hang the color card, and do mailing packing

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