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Fire drill

Fire drill

Safety production is more important than anything. Jiangsu Xingyong Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd. puts safety production in the first place to ensure that employees can go to work with open information and leave work in peace.

Jiangsu Xingyong Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd. convey the importance of safety production to employees in the morning meeting every day, and all employees must wear safety helmets at work. During the operation of the machine in the extrusion workshop, the company must wear the unified labor protection shoes, and the employees driving the car in the maintenance workshop must wear safety belts and safety ropes.

Each machine in Jiangsu Xingyong Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. is equipped with safety operation instructions and training for new employees on how to operate safely. After the company's repeated propaganda, all employees are aware of the importance of safe production and actively cooperate to implement the requirements of safe production. The machines are operated in accordance with the requirements of the safety operation manual to prevent problems before they occur.

Jiangsu Xingyang Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd. equipped with fire safety plugs and fire extinguishers in each workshop. The security department will check whether the safety plugs and fire extinguishers can be used at the beginning and middle of each month, and if they are expired, replace them with new ones at any time and make detailed records.

Jiangsu Xingyong Aluminum Technology Co., Ltd. holds 2 fire drills every year and makes it mandatory for all employees of the company to participate in fire drills. We strive for every employee to be able to operate the fire extinguisher. At the beginning of the fire drill, the general manager of the administration department teaches the employees the importance of safety and how to operate the fire extinguisher. If a fire is encountered, the fire alarm is reported first, the foreman instructs the employees to flee the scene in an orderly manner, and the designated personnel operate the fire extinguisher to put out the fire. Under the guidance of the security department, the employees enthusiastically signed up to operate the fire extinguisher.

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Post time: Jul-23-2021