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Aluminum column bracket for TV set

Aluminum column bracket for TV set

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Shape: Arch, U shape or custom

Surface treatment: Mill or silver anodized

Length: Custom

Advantage:Lightweight, Aesthetics and Resistant

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Jiangsu Xingyong Aluminium Technology Co., Ltd.has two 1400 ton and one 2000 ton aluminum extrusion machines, produce more than 220mm cross-sectional products.

Product name: Aluminum column bracket for TV set
Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China
Material: Aluminun Alloy
Alloy Temper: 6063-T5
Hardness: ≥10HW
Shape: Custom
Surface Treatment: Acid-alkali sand anodizing
anodizing film 6-12 um
Al (Min): 98.7%
Outer Diameter 110mm
Wall Thickness: 1mm or custom
Length: 600mm
Color: Silver or custom
Application: TV Bracket
Brand Name: xing yong lv Ye
Certificate: ISO 9001:2015,ISO/TS 16949:2016
Quality Standard GB/T6892-2008,GB/T5237-2008

200 mm outer diameter aluminum bar will be put into the high temperature furnace, when temperature reach to 700 degrees, the aluminum bar will be very soft, it will be put into the aluminum extrusion machine, when the soft aluminum bar through passing through the mould,

The aluminum profile is ready.

The aluminum profile will be cut to around 6m length, and then loaded to large Transit frame.

After aluminum extrusion, the product will be moved to sand blasting line. there are four sandblasting machine, three machines make small sand and one machine make big sand.

The sand be hit into the aluminum profile, it will be hard to remove. The aluminum profile will be protected by the sand, and it will look frosted.

Next step is anodizing, the aluminum profile will be hang to the special shelf, and then put into the flowing five anodized pool, two before anodizing cleaning pool, one anodizing pool, two after anodizing cleaning pool. After anodized, the aluminum profile will be dried by natural air, until there is no water on the surface and inside.

When the profile dried enough, it will be packaged to protect the surface, then be transferred to deep processing department, it will be cut, pushed,drilled or welding, then be well packaged in carton or tray.


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